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edilicious began making cream cheese and goat cheese appetizers in 2013, selling our product at Farmers’ Markets. In 2014, we decided to follow our passion and began converting our garage into a commercial kitchen. This was completed in 2015, and all of our products are now made in a public health approved facility.  Our cheese appetizers are unique in taste and appearance. They are often mistaken for petits fours or little cakes! You can see from the pictures how this could happen. Each appetizer is layered with nuts, fruit, herbs, cheese and a host of other delicious ingredients. We continually strive for excellence.  We have done well because we don’t skimp on quality or taste. We pit all our olives. We pick our own basil.  We don’t use canned sliced olives or dry canned Parmesan cheese, for ingredients. We use fresh cheese.  We have also listened and incorporated your feedback into our product development. This has been key to making our business a success.  Our products are sold frozen. Freezing does not compromise the taste, but lends itself to making our appetizers more convenient. Simply remove your appetizer from the freezer, take it out of the package and let it thaw. Enjoy with crackers, a baguette, veggies or fruit slices. Perfect for a house, appetizer, or dock party. For a quieter evening, cut the appetizer in half while frozen,  eat half, save half. Enjoy with a nice bottle of wine or other beverage.  We also make chimichurri, in cilantro. It is awesome! With an abundance of garlic, peppers, and spices, you can’t get any better. Our customers use our chimichurri in a wide variety of ways, other than as a traditional condiment for meat. We also make an olive salsa using merlot. It too has been well received. Other products are made available during Farmers’ Market season, to give some variety and spice to our table. See our Products section for a list of those items.  We are always thinking about food! And we want to continue to please your palate. Drop us a line, we welcome your thoughts, feedback and ideas

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